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Strategies for dating a girl that is british staying in america

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Strategies for dating a girl that is british staying in america

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Wedding is just one of the leading reasons Brits relocate towards the united states of america, and there are certain reasons as to the reasons. For the present time, let’s go on it as read that love and companionship are reasons that want no introduction. Rather, we’re planning to have a look at a number of the more shallow (okay, shallow) reasons why you should marry an American if you’re British.

1. You are free to are now living in america It’s the united states that brought you your preferred movies, music and food that is fast. You’ve interacted with US tourists and/or college pupils in your very own nation and secretly—or possibly openly—you’ve desired nothing significantly more than to modify places using them, to call home in america of America. Well, in the event that you fall deeply in love with, and later marry, an American resident, then such a transition is mostly about to be a real possibility. Needless to say, also when you’ve tied the knot, there clearly was still a mountain of documents to obtain through to become a resident. Fortunately, we now have number 2 with this list.

2. Obtaining a residency visa may well be more simple if you are applying for residency through your marriage to an American citizen, the process is arguably more straightforward than one can expect to find through other channels as I outlined in a previous article, the visa process can offer its fair share of surprises; however. Read More